Best Gaming Headset Stands in 2021

As a gamer, purchasing a nice headset is quite common. But it is not too common to purchase a nice headset stand to go along with it. I know this first hand as up until recently I have never even considered a headset stand. However, I do think that they are incredibly worth it if you are a gamer.

The best headset stand will offer some nice benefits to your current setup. Not only will they keep your desk looking clean and tidy, but they will also make it more aesthetically pleasing. Over the years headset stands have of course improved significantly. Many are even offering RGB lighting to them if you are into that. Not to mention, many have extra USB ports on them which is always a welcome addition for gamers.

Razer Headset stand with RGB1. Razer Base Station V2 Chroma
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Razer Base Station V1 Chroma Edition2. Razer Base Station V1 Chroma
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Corsair ST100 RGB Gaming Headset Stand3. Corsair ST100 RGB
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The Corsair ST50 Gaming Headset Stand4. Corsair ST50 Headset Stand
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is New-Bee-Headset-Stand-e1610161857126.jpeg5. New Bee Stand
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Link-Dream-Hedset-STand-e1610162098702.jpg6. Link Dream Headset Holder
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is New-Bee-Charging-Headset-Stand-e1610162301821.jpg7. New Bee Headphone Stand – Wireless Charging
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PeohZarr-Headset-Stand-1024x1024.jpg8. PeohZarr Headphone Stand
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mounted headset stand9. Apphome Mounted Stand
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Apart from them offering you aesthetic improvements, they will also keep your headset safe from damage. For years I would just place my headset on my desk after a long gaming session not thinking about potential damage. I am sure you spent a lot of time and money researching and purchasing your headphones, why not keep them safe?

I have taken the time to list what I believe are the best gaming headset stands in 2021.

Razer Base Station V2 Chroma – Best Overall

Razer Chroma gaming headset stand

This headset stand is unbelievable, to say the least. It has a very sleek, modern design packed full of added features. It very easily takes our number 1 spot for the best headset stand in 2021. Right out of the box you can see that it is built out of extremely high-quality materials. It features a smooth matte aluminum housing making it quite pleasing to the eyes. I am a big fan of peripherals being constructed from metallic materials as it adds that extra layer of quality. You can tell that this stand will definitely stand the test of time. The base is available in 3 colors, Classic Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink.

With this option, it also features a beautiful RGB lighting under-glow to it. The lighting ring itself is again of high quality which I believe we can expect from Razer products by now. Of course, this lighting can be controlled within Razer Synapse allowing you to customize and sync it with other devices. It is also worth mentioning that the Razer Base Station V2 can be connected to other hardware such as Philips Hue.

Razer headphone stand RGB lighting on base

As for added features, Razer has really performed well in this department. It comes with 2 additional USB 3.1 inputs which is a great addition. What really blew my mind away was the included 3.5mm port with built-in DAC. This will allow you to use full stereo audio or 7.1 surround sound with their application.

While the features are very similar to the Corsair ST100 RGB. I believe that the overall design and connectivity of this stand is better, making it take the lead.

I do however wish there was just one more additional USB 3.1 port and a non-RGB variant. Despite this, it is an absolutely amazing headset stand.

Razer Base Station Chroma V1

With this stand being the previous version of the Razer Base Station V2 you can expect it to come with fewer features. However, it is still a great option if it suits your needs. The housing is made from a matte slightly textured plastic which appears to be high quality. As you know, I am a big fan of metallic choices so I do find the build quality to be lacking slightly. Although when it is assembled it does feel to be relatively sturdy with very little to no flex. Just as the second version it comes in 3 available colors, Classic Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink. The color choices available are very nice allowing you some flexibility when choosing.

Base Station V1 RGB lighting

Again this stand does offer you the same RBG lighting on the base of the stand. This is fully customizable within Razer Synapse with 16.8 million color schemes. Apart from the Chroma lighting, it does feature 3 USB 2.0 ports available for use. It does not however come with the 3.5mm input found on the Base Station V2.

While this headset stand is lacking in some features it is still a great choice at a lower cost. If you do not plan to use the 3.5mm input found on other stands, this choice will save you a little bit of money.

Corsair ST100 RGB Gaming Headset Stand

Corsair RGB gaming headset stand

The Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB headset stand is very impressive, to say the least. It is built from a durable smooth matte aluminum construction. It also comes with a nice RGB lighting ring on the base. The design and functionality of this stand is superb. It performs its function very well, displaying and storing your headset in an amazing way. Right out of the box I was thoroughly impressed with the build quality of this device.

ST100 RGB lighting and USB ports

When we take a look at some of the added features, Corsair has done a great job. Apart from the RGB under lighting, it has 2 built-in USB 3.1 inputs. This is a great addition as you will now have extra USB ports to plug your devices into. One is located on the top of the device while the other is on the side. The Corsair ST100 also features a 3.5mm input allowing for full range stereo or 7.1 surround sound. The only improvement I wish this headset stand had was for more available USB ports. Regardless it is still an amazing device to display your headphones that I highly recommend.

As a side note, if you have other Corsair products you will be able to sync them together.

Corsair ST50

Corsair ST50 stand being displayed

Of course, if RBG lighting is not your thing, Corsair has an option for that too. The ST50 features the same build construction as the ST100. The aluminum construction on the Corsair stands is amazing. I personally can not see them being damaged from typical use whatsoever. Not to mention it adds that extra feeling of quality to it as well.

Corsair ST50 base being displayed

However, it does not come with any of the added features. While this stand does lack the RGB lighting, USB ports, and 3.5mm jack, it is still a great option. It will provide you with a sleek minimalistic design to showcase your headset. It is also worth mentioning that you will not have any added cable to plug into your PC. This may be a benefit for you if you do not want to deal with any extra cables.

The Corsair ST50 is a perfect option if you are wanting something basic that still adds a nice touch to your setup.

New Bee Headset Stand – Budget Friendly

Basic headset stand

If you are looking for something that won’t break the bank but still looks nice, New Bee is a perfect choice. This headset stand features a matte aluminum base with a soft rubber headrest. The design and functionality of this device have actually really impressed me. For its price, I was not too sure what to expect while testing it out. However, it has blown my expectations away. 

Even though it does not offer any additional features such as USB connections or lighting, it is still a great option. It will display your headset in a clean, elegant, minimalistic way. This will bring all the attention front and center to your headphones. The only thing I wish this stand had was some extra weight to it. When you place your headphones on it you may notice it move around a little bit. Apart from this, it is a perfectly designed stand performing exceptionally well.

Link Dream Headset Stand – Budget Friendly

Design and functionality-wise the Link Dream Headset Holder is very similar to the New Bee stand on this list. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum featuring non-slip pads on the base. The actual holder pad on this device is constructed from a soft TPE rubber. I do especially appreciate this as it won’t cause any creases or damage to your headset.

This stand is relatively basic serving one primary function. It will display nicely while keeping it free from potential damage. It does not come with any added features or benefits like the other options. However, due to its low cost, it makes a great candidate.

Similar to the New Bee stand it is relatively lightweight which is both good and bad. While placing your headset on the stand it tends to move around a little bit. While this may not be that big of a deal for you, it is worth mentioning.

New Bee Wireless Charging Headset Stand

wireless charging headset stand

This is a headphone stand that definitely made me turn my head. It features a wireless charging pad built into the base, something I have never seen before. It is compatible with Qi-enabled devices which will charge the majority of phones capable of wireless charging. This is a nice little added feature that will serve a dual purpose.

The overall build quality of this device is rather good. It is made from aluminum similar to other stands on this list. Out of the box, I was quite impressed with this due to its low cost.

While I would have liked to see some additional features such as USB ports, it is still a great option. Especially when we consider the price.

PeohZarr Headphone Stand – Unique Design

The PeohZarr Headset stand has definitely taken the prize for the most unique design on the list. It features a very modern and robust design which is definitely an attention grabber. The housing is constructed from a matte silver plastic offering rubber non-slip feet. Despite it being made from plastic it does seem to be high quality.

On the front of the device, it has a full RGB spectrum lighting strip which has 5 different lighting modes. It emits a bright smooth level of light that is suitable for any room. I do however wish that there were more customizability options like the Razer Base Station V2. With only 5 different lighting modes available it does seem rather limiting.

On the other hand, it does come with 2 additional USB ports and a 3.5mm input. For its price, I was honestly quite surprised to see this. It is definitely a premium feature for a considerably low cost. Not to mention the 3.5mm input also offers both stereo audio and 7.1 surround sound.

Apphome Headphone Stand – Best Under the Desk Option

mounted gaming headphone holder

If you are looking for something a little bit more discrete while still serving its function, a mounted headset holder is perfect for you. Apphome has come up with an excellent design to suit your needs. This holder mounts to your desk with a clamp that is universally fitted to most desks. It is constructed out of high grease aluminum making it a rather sturdy device.

I believe this headphone holder shines in the aspect that it does not use any adhesives. Most under the desk/mounted options rely on adhesives to be installed. This can potentially cause damage to your desk should you wish to remove it. With the clamp, it is quite easy to remove leaving no damage to your desk whatsoever.

It is also worth mentioning that it is foldable making it more compact while not in use.

Final Thoughts

All in all, deciding which is the best gaming headset stand in 2021 is a tricky task as there are so many options. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and features which can make the decision hard. However, you want to pick something that is durable and suits your needs. I believe that the Razer Base Station V2 is the perfect option for most people. It offers a minimalistic design packed full of additional features. Its overall build quality is no comparison when compared to others. Not to mention it comes with both an RGB Chroma and non-RGB Chroma variant. It will definitely add a nice little touch to your setup, to say the least.

However, the New Bee stand is a perfect choice if you are looking for something inexpensive and simple. Despite it coming in at the lowest price, it will display and hold your headphones just as well as any other.