Best Gaming Monitor Under $600 in 2021

In 2021, there are so many different types of monitors available: 1080p, 1440p, 4K, high refresh rate monitors, ultrawide monitors, and even 8K monitors. There are so many variations of monitors that finding the right one to fit your style might be a challenge. That is why I have composed this list of the best gaming monitor under $600.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $600 – A quick overview

ASUS VG32VQ monitor1. ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ
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asus VG279QM monitor2. ASUS VG279QM
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3. BenQ EL2870U Gaming Monitor
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4. ViewSonic VX2758
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5. ASUS VG279Q
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6. ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C
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Finding the best monitor for you

A good gaming monitor should provide lightning-fast response times while providing stellar image quality and feeling buttery-smooth. The main contributors to the price of gaming monitors (and the factors you should be most concerned with) are listed below:

In this article, I will be listing off the best gaming monitors under $600, based on the features listed above.

Best Gaming Monitor Under $600 – Best Overall


ASUS’ VG32VQ is an absolute beast of a gaming monitor. With 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 1440p resolution, and a 32-inch curved screen, there is not much more you can ask for in a gaming monitor. I have had this monitor for maybe two years now and in my opinion, it is by far the best monitor I have used and the best monitor you can buy for under $600.

ASUS VG32VQ monitor

At 32-inches, the first thing that caught my attention with this monitor was its gorgeous, curved screen. Its large screen size is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a big monitor, and the 2560×1440 resolution looks great.

Additionally, with the 144Hz refresh rate, ASUS does not compromise any features to make sure you get the best gaming monitor out there. To close it out, the VG32VQ has an incredibly fast 1ms response time, to ensure you will not be missing any of those crucial shots due to input lag.


  • 32-inch WQHD (2560X1440) curved screen with a great, easily adjustable stand that offers extensive swivel, tilt and raise features.
  • ASUS ELMB (Extreme low motion blur) SYNC technology eliminates ghosting and screen tearing.
  • 144Hz refresh rate makes for a super-smooth desktop and gaming experience.
  • 1ms super-fast response time for the gamers that require the monitor have the least amount of lag possible.
  • HDR10 high dynamic range compatibility.
  • AMD FreeSync combined with adaptive-sync technology ensures that there are no screen tearing at any points using this monitor.

Best High Refresh Rate Monitor Under $600


Second up on the list is the ASUS VG279QM. At 27-inches and with 280Hz refresh rate, this monitor stands tall as the best high refresh rate monitor under 600 dollars.

asus VG279QM monitor

With a staggeringly fast 280Hz refresh rate, you cannot get much better when looking at high refresh rate monitors. Personally, this is the highest refresh rate monitor I have seen at 280Hz and provides a buttery-smooth experience when using it. So, whether you are a pro gamer or casual and would rather have refresh rate over a high resolution, this is the monitor for you!

The ASUS VG279QM is a 27-inch Full HD IPS gaming monitor with a blazing fast 280Hz refresh rate. A few extra notable features include HDR, G-SYNC, and ASUS ELMB SYNC.


  • 27-inch Full HD (1920×1080) IPS non-curved monitor.
  • 280Hz refresh rate provides a super-smooth desktop and gaming experience. You must see it to believe it.
  • 1ms response time for gamers who are looking for a monitor with the least amount of input lag.
  • DisplayHDR 400 HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology provides great contrasting colours.
  • ASUS ELMB (Extreme low motion blur) SYNC technology eliminates ghosting and screen tearing.
  • G-SYNC Compatible.

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Under $600

BenQ EL2870U Gaming Monitor

One of the best 4k monitors available at this price.

BenQ has been a manufacturer in the monitor industry for as long as I can remember, and this monitor goes to show why.

With a crisp 4k (3840×2160) resolution, on a clean-looking 28-inch IPS panel, the BenQ EL287OU Gaming monitor is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new 4k monitor. Hyper-fast 1ms response times means that even during 4K gaming you won’t ever feel any lag between your movements and the screen. Additionally, you can connect to your devices using DPI1.4, on top of the usual HDMI, and DisplayPort connections.

The 4K screen performs beautifully while gaming and does not have any noticeable issues. The monitor stand, however, is not as adjustable as the previous two ASUS monitors, and if you require swivel/adjustment capabilities, consider a 4K ASUS monitor instead, such as the ASUS TUF VG239Q.


  • 28-inch UHD (3840×2160) non-curved IPS panel monitor
  • HDMI connectivity as well as DPI1.4 DisplayPort connections.
  • AMD FreeSync Technology ensures no screen-tearing or ghosting happen on-screen.
  • HDR high dynamic range compatibility.

Best 1440p Gaming Monitor under $600

ViewSonic VX2758

Best 1440p monitor for the price.

The ViewSonic VX2758 is a fantastic gaming monitor that supports 1440p, 144Hz with a blisteringly fast 1ms response time. With a high resolution, high refresh rate, and fast response time, there is not much else you need when looking for a great gaming monitor. Along with the support of AMD FreeSync, this monitor is the best choice for people looking for a 1440p gaming monitor. This is also the least expensive monitor on this list of the best gaming monitors.

The stand for this monitor is not nearly as adjustable as the ASUS monitors that were mentioned on this list. So, if you pick up this monitor make sure you do not need a monitor with an adjustable stand. However, the fact that this monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, makes the ViewSonic VX2758 the best 1440p gaming monitor under $500.


  • 27-inch WQHD (2560X1440) non-curved IPS monitor.
  • AMD FreeSync technology – eliminates screen tearing to ensure you have a smooth gaming experience.
  • 144Hz refresh rate is perfect for any gamers looking for a buttery-smooth experience.
  • Ultra-fast 1ms response time provides gamers with the best connection to their monitor.

Best Value Gaming Monitor Under $600


Considering that the ASUS VG279QM was on this list, you may be wondering what it is doing showing up twice? Well, that is because this monitor (VG279Q) has a few differences that make it less expensive than the previous ASUS model that was mentioned.

Compared to the VG279QM model, this monitor is nearly identical, with a few downgrades to performance in exchange for a lower price point. One of the main differences of this monitor is the 144Hz refresh rate as opposed to the QM’s 280Hz refresh rate. This is not really a deduction for most users, though, as graphics cards do not usually pull in over 144FPS, unless you are running a high-end GPU. This monitor also loses out on the HDR feature included in the ASUS VG279QM.

Overall, this is a great monitor for gamers with its quick 1ms response time and smooth 144Hz refresh rate. If you are on a budget and are looking for the best gaming monitor this is the best choice for you!


  • 27-inch IPS Full HD non-curved gaming monitor.
  • Ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time for smooth, lag-free gameplay.
  • GameFast Input technology – allows for minimal input lag and provides much faster delivery from device to monitor.
  • ASUS ELMB (Extreme low motion blur) SYNC technology eliminates ghosting and screen tearing.
  • G-SYNC Compatible for seamless tear-free gaming experiences.
  • Shadow Boost – enhances the detail of the image in dark areas without over-exposing the brighter sections.

Best UltraWide Gaming Monitor Under $600

ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C

The ViewSonic Elite is a beautiful 35-inch ultrawide monitor with a higher-than-normal refresh rate.

The second monitor on the list from ViewSonic. The ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C is an UltraWide monitor with UWQHD 1440p resolution and a very smooth 100Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the 35-inch curved design of the monitor provides a real immersive viewing experience.

If you are interested, we have recently published an article about ultrawide monitors and the benefits that an UltraWide monitor provides for everyday use.


  • 35-Inch Ultra Wide curved monitor featuring QHD (3440×1440) resolution.
  • 100Hz refresh rate provides a much smoother experience than average 60Hz monitors.
  • Adaptive Sync combined with AMD’s FreeSync technology allows for a tear-free experience.
  • ELITE RGB; 2 LED light bars for backlight rating at minimum 30000 Hrs for the backlight.
  • ClearMotion backlight strobing technology.
  • Adjustable stand with swivel, height, rotation adjustments makes it perfect for any setup.
  • Supports HDMI, USB and DisplayPort inputs.

Final Thoughts

Gaming monitors have evolved over time to include features such as high refresh rate, and 4k resolutions. In this list I have covered the best gaming monitors available to buy for under $600.

With its excellent build quality, great features, and overall wonderful performance the ASUS TUF VG32VQ is my choice for the best gaming monitor under $600! I have been using the VG32VQ for about two years now and I have been seriously impressed! The monitor is absolutely breathtaking at 32 inches and the 144Hz refresh rates feel like butter with how smooth it runs.

For these reasons, the ASUS VG32VQ is the best gaming monitor available to buy for less than $600.