Best PC Case Under $100 in 2021

Finding the right PC case in 2021 can be a difficult task. With so many different sizes, models, manufacturers, colours and shapes available, no wonder it is hard to find the right PC case. In this article, I will be covering the best PC Case under $100 that is available in 2021. Additionally, I will cover what I believe to be the runner-up and as well the best PC case for multiple different categories. All cases on the list are chosen after careful consideration, and every one of the advantages and disadvantages of the case was considered.

Best PC Cases Under $100 – A Quick Overview

1. NZXT H510
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-39-edited-1.png2. Corsair Carbide 275R
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Best Budget PC Case: Corsair Carbide 100R
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Best Micro-ATX PC Case: Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L
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Best Mini-ITX PC Case: NZXT H200i
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How to Choose the Best PC Case for You

There are a variety of factors you should keep in mind when looking to buy a PC case. Firstly, it is important to consider the size/form factor of the motherboard that is going to go in the case. To find this information about your motherboard, access your motherboards physical or online manual. I have also included a small chart detailing the differences between motherboard form factors.

Pen for scale

Our Pick for Best PC Case Under $100.


With great cable-management, case design and aesthetics, the NZXT H510 is our pick for the Best PC Case Under $100 in 2021.

white nzxt pc case

Our top pick for best PC Case under $100 in 2021 is the NZXT H510. This easy-to-build-in case has excellent cable-management and efficient space to fit a healthy number of drives and components, making it great for first-time PC builders. NZXT’s PC cases are renowned for their superior cable-management over other case manufacturers.

The NZXT H510 has plenty of room for a liquid cooler with the ability to mount a radiator up to 280mm on the front, or a 120mm radiator on the rear. Additionally, it has motherboard support for ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX form factors.

The modern aesthetic of the case looks fantastic and is further complemented by the massive tempered-glass side-panel. Also included are two NZXT AER 120mm case fans, that provide sufficient airflow, but are unfortunately not RGB.

This case looks great in its sleek white-matte design. But in case you are looking for a darker colour scheme. The NZXT H510 is also available in a clean black, as well as a nice black-red colour scheme. Each colour scheme is shown below.

One final thing to note about this case is that the NZXT H510 works beautifully with RGB fans, water coolers and LED strips. So, if you are looking to build a PC with RGB compatibilities, look no further!

I personally use the NZXT S340 Elite, with NZXT’s AER RGB Fans for the case fans and an NZXT Kraken x62 for the CPU cooler, and let me tell you, the final product looks spectacular! Since NZXT makes all those products, they will all fit seamlessly into this H510 case, so no need to worry about compatibility.

For more information on this case visit the NZXT H510 product page.

NZXT H510 Features

  • Motherboard Support: ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX
  • Three 3.5” drive bays and three 2.5” drive bays.
  • 7 expansion slots
  • 2 included AER F120 case fans.
  • Full GPU compatibility
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Enough space for 280mm liquid cooler radiator.

Best PC Case Under $100 – Runner Up

Corsair Carbide 275R

With a stunning edge-to-edge tempered glass side-panel, the Corsair Carbide 275R is the runner up for the best PC case under $100 in 2021.

The Corsair Carbide 275R is one of the best PC cases available for under $100. The cases minimalist design along with its maximized number of features allow this case to be a great entry on this list.

The 275R has a ton of room inside the case, allowing for up to a 360mm radiator on the front, 240mm radiator on the top or a 120mm radiator on the rear. The expansive storage space included in the Carbide 275R is very nice and provides ample room for up to two 3.5” drives and for 2.5” drives.

Additionally, the Corsair Carbide 275R has built-in cable routing, which is a dedicated cable compartment that effortlessly enables clean PC builds. Along with the clean cable management, the Carbide 275R includes direct airflow path cooling. This cooling method directs cool air towards the hottest components without any interfaces from the device cages.

Compared to the NZXT H510, the only noticeable deduction is that the Carbide 275R is only compatible with ATX motherboards. Meaning that if you need a case with microATX or mini-ITX support, the Carbide 275R may not be the best option.

If you are not interested in the white version of this case, worry not, as it is available in a sleek black design as well.

carbide 275R pc case

Corsair Carbide 275R Features

  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Two 3.5” drive bays and four 2.5” drive bays.
  • Soft accent lighting
  • Full window side panel leaves nothing to be desired
  • Full GPU compatibility
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Enough space for 360mm liquid cooler radiator on the front, 280mm on the top, or 140mm on the rear.

Best Budget PC Case

Corsair Carbide 100R

Simple, elegant and effective, the Corsair Carbide 100R is our choice for the best budget PC Case in 2021.

desktop pc case

The perfect case for a performance PC in stealth mode, the Carbide 100R provides everything a modern PC could need in a discreet simplistic design. One feature about this case is the 4 drive bays that allow for either 3.5” or 2.5” drives to be installed. Meaning whether you have SSD’s or HDD’s, you will be able to install up to four total drives.

Compared to the other cases on this list, the Corsair Carbide 100R is by far the least expensive. As a result, this case also has the least number of features compared to the others. However just because this is not the most expensive case, it does not mean it is a bad or poor-quality case. It is quite the opposite actually.

The Carbide 100R is the only case on this list that includes 5.25” drive bays. Beyond the inclusion of the 5.25” expansion slots, they are also constructed so you are able to install your drive tool-free. Meaning that you are able to easily install a DVD or Blu-ray drive into your PC without any hassle. If you are needing disc drive in your PC, this is definitely the case for you, as the others on this list do not support internal disc drives.

Overall, if you are looking for a case that is sleek on the outside but can be packed with serious features, all at a great value, this is the case for you.


  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Two 3.5” drive bays and four 2.5” drive bays.
  • One included 120mm case fan.
  • Tool-free 3.5” and 5.25” drive installation.
  • Support for a 120mm radiator.
  • 4 Drive bays that allow additional SSD’s or HDD’s to be installed.

Best Micro-ATX PC Case Under $100

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L mATX Tower

With a modular I/O panel and a unique look, the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L is our choice for the best Micro-ATX PC case under $100.

microATX pc case

Our pick for the best MicroATX PC Case, the MasterBox Q300L is a stellar case that exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the full edge-to-edge transpar5ent side panel that allows you to bask in the glory of your PC components.

One really cool feature of this case is the modular I/O panel. This means that the panel where you plug in any USB or headphones or microphones can be moved to one of any six locations. The I/O panel can be placed on both sides of the body on either the front top or bottom.

The case has support for up to a 240mm radiator on the front, and a 120mm fan or radiator at the rear, and two additional 120mm fan slots along the top. Beyond this, the open design of the perforated front, top and bottom allow for excellent thermal performance.

Overall, the MasterBox Q300L is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to build a PC with a MicroATX form factor. With a beautiful side panel, great features and enough room inside to build a beastly PC this is one of the best MicroATX cases I have worked with.

CoolerMaster MasterBox Q300L Features

  • Motherboard Support: MicroATX
  • One 3.5” drive bays and two 2.5” drive bays.
  • Fan and Radiator support up to 240mm in the front or 120mm on the rear.
  • The edge-to-edge acrylic transparent side panel offers a full view inside.
  • Patterned magnetic dust-filters provides a unique look.
  • Modular I/O panel can be adjusted to fit at six different locations
  • One included 120mm case fan.
  • 2-year warranty.

Best Mini-ITX PC Case Under $100

NZXT H200i

The NZXT H200i is our choice for the best Mini-ITX PC Case under $100 that is available in 2021.

mini pc case

Very similar to the top pick on this list, the NZXT H200i is the mini-ITX equivalent of the NZXT H510.

The NZXT H200i is the first PC case I have seen which includes a smart device built directly within the case. This is one of the leading factors that drive up the price of this case. Furthermore, this case includes NZXT’s HUE+ and GRID+ controllers built-in as well as one pre-installed LED strip for ready-to-go RGB lighting. From personal experience after working with NZXT HUE and their CAM software, this is a really good deal considering it is included in from the get-go. All these cool features make the H200i one of the best cases for RGB enthusiasts.

Included with the same cable-management bar as the H510, this case is the perfect match for individuals picking up a mini-ITX motherboard and are not looking to go beyond mini-ITX. It is important to note, that with this case, the only supported motherboard size is mini-ITX. Due to its small size, DO NOT expect to install any other type of motherboard into the H200i, as it will not fit.

If you are not sure whether you will upgrade the motherboard in the future or not, I would instead recommend the NZXT H510, as it supports ATX and micro-ATX form factors in addition to mini-ITX. Making the H510 more versatile.

NZXT H200i Features

  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX
  • All-new smart device built into the case that allows for awesome lighting effects while being super easy to control using NZXT’s CAM software.
  • Includes a pre-installed RGB LED Strip, making this the best case for RGB enthusiasts straight from the get-go.
  • Dual-position cable management bar and cable routing kit located behind the motherboard tray.
  • Three 2.5” drive bays and one 3.5” drive bay.
  • Radiator support for radiators up to 120mm.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the PC case you end up purchasing should match your personal needs. Whether you have a full-sized ATX motherboard, a micro-ATX, or a mini-ITX motherboard, the NZXT H510 has you covered.

Being the easiest case to build inside of, as well as my personal favourite in terms of aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with the H510. Being available in 3 colour schemes allows you to be able to match the aesthetic of your case with that of your internals.

white nzxt pc case

Since the NZXT H510 is a full-sized tower with a massive tempered glass window and has support for almost every combination of parts imaginable, I consider this PC case to be the best pc case under $100 that is available in 2021.