How to Clean Your Computer Mouse Properly

Wireless black mouse sitting on a computer desk

After long-term use, or even after moderate use, it is always recommended to clean your mouse to remove any germs, dust, dirt, and hard to get off grime. This is typical for anything that you use regularly, but especially important when it comes to anything that requires you to use your hands to operate it.

Searching far and wide, I have investigated the best ways on how to properly and safely clean your computer mouse for you. Whether you are just looking to remove any dust or debris, or completely clean and sanitize your mouse, we have you covered!

Prep Work Required

Before beginning to clean your device, we must ensure we have done a small amount of prep work ahead of time. This way you are not wasting your time, and we can be confident in avoiding any unnecessary steps or unwanted damage. Start getting your workstation prepared by doing:

  • If your mouse is turned ON, please ensure that you turn off
  • Pull the batteries out, if your mouse has old batteries replace them
  • Make sure your mouse is unplugged from your computer if it is a wired mouse
  • Find an area that has an ample amount of space for cleaning supplies and cleaning room

Please note, that if your mouse has removable batteries, it is always a good idea to look at the batteries for leaks every month. If your batteries are showing signs of failure. Remove them carefully, and wash your hands afterward. Battery acid is extremely caustic.

Recommended Products for Cleaning Your Mouse

  • 2-4 Q-tips
  • 1-2 Paper towels
  • Isopropyl (1 or 2 cap full)

You can purchase Q-tips, Paper towels, and Isopropyl from your local pharmacy, grocery store, or department store. Of course, if these options are not available to you, we would recommend any disinfectant wipe to tackle the job. However, just make sure that the sanitizing wipes are not dripping wet, you want it to be damp. This way you prevent any excess moisture from dripping onto key internal components and frying your electronics.

How to Clean Your Computer Mouse

General Exterior Dirtiness

gaming computer mouse sitting on a black mouspad

Removing any built-up dirt or dust from your mouse is the first step, as it will allow you to easily identify any stuck-on grime. This could have happened through the oils from your hand, food crumbs, splashes from different kinds of beverages, etc. The important thing to remember is, to clean it properly the first time.

To remove these messes, we recommend putting a little bit of isopropyl onto your paper towel, and gently rubbing the exterior of the mouse. This should remove 90% of any exterior dirt/dust. If you notice that there are any soft drink splashes, don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease in. That will remove any stuck-on stains from sugary drinks while getting a thorough cleaning of your mouse’s exterior shell.

Dirt stuck in crevasses of the mouse

Once you’ve removed the outside exterior dirtiness, we recommend inspecting the crevasses/indentations in your mouse. This is where stains, crumbs, dirt, and dust can hide. This is where your Q-tip’s will come into play, simply soak one end at a time into the isopropyl, draining off any excess isopropyl. Then run the Q-tip over the sections of mouse that are indented, the Q-tip will pickup any stuck-in dirt and remove it.

Cleaning the slides underneath the mouse

Why would you want to clean the bottom of your mouse? It is simple. The bottom of your mouse will have certain sections that contact your mousepad and effortlessly slide over it. Typically the front and back of your mouse. If you are going to clean the exterior of your mouse. You might as well do the job properly and clean the entire mouse. This will ensure that your mouse can slide effortlessly to where you want without any unnecessary drag brought on by debris that is stuck on.

To clean this properly, you will want to first inspect your slides to see if they are salvageable. Sometimes, debris can heavily scratch the surface of these slides and cause them to wear off. That is no big deal, they are easily replaceable for less than 10 bucks. If you notice that the glue that holds them on is failing, simply apply super glue and you’ll never have an issue with them again.

Now, since we have robustly inspected the slides. Let’s grab your paper towel and dampen it with isopropyl. First, start rubbing gently on the slides to remove any stuck-on debris. Then switch to your Q-tip to get pin-point precision in removing anything that is left. Flip your mouse over onto your mouse mat and give it a slide. It should feel like a brand-new mouse if you’ve followed the instructions.

Why is it important to regularly clean your mouse?

Cleaning your mouse is a task that most people overlook and doesn’t think it applies to them. Regularly cleaning your mouse means that dirt and grime does not build up, making your next clean easier! It also keeps the device in tip-top performance for yourself. This allows you to become fully immersed in whatever game or daily task you are doing. In our lifestyle currently, cleaning your mouse will not lonely protect yourself from any germs or bacteria. However, it will improve your overall health.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the cleaning of your mouse is a quick and simple task, that will significantly improve the lifespan of the device but also greatly improve usability. Simply take 10 minutes from your busy schedule and clean your mouse. It’s really that simple. Once you have the first clean under your belt, the next clean is even easier. Don’t forget to save this article in your home browser, so you can continue to come back to it for helpful insights in case you forget!