Is the Razer Ornata V2 Good? – Review

The Razer Ornata V2 is a keyboard that aims to merge the gap between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. It features what Razer calls Mecha-Membrane keys which might offer you the best of both worlds. There is a lot of features packed into this keyboard making it an incredibly good keyboard. But is the Razer Ornata V2 good? I think it depends on who is using it.

With this keyboard being the successor of the Ornata Chroma, it has a lot to live up to. They have managed to fit many more additional features potentially making it a better option. I have personally owned and used this keyboard for a significant amount of time. I can say that it is a great keyboard however, it does have some drawbacks. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of my personal experiences with it.

Ornata V2 Build Quality

When I initially unboxed the keyboard, I was quite impressed, to say the least. It was packaged beautifully, and the keyboard was presented in a great format. I believe that this is something we can all respect about Razer products. On top of the box lid, you will find product information and some nice chroma stickers included. Underneath the keyboard will be the USB cable and the included wrist rest.

Keyboard Build

The actual keyboard itself is built out of a sturdy, hard textured ABS plastic. I was quite surprised at how stiff it was. Upon trying to flex and bend it, there is little to no movement at all. It seems that Razer has done a great job at making this keyboard quite stiff durable. At its price point, I was expecting it to be lacking in this area, but it exceeded my expectations a lot. The exterior is rather resistant to picking up finger oils making it rather fingerprint-resistant. But you won’t be touching the casing too often, so it is not as useful. Regardless, it is still nice to see this.

Razer Ornata V2 inside its box

Key Quality

The keys themselves are made from a more polished but matte ABS plastic. Again, they appear to be a high quality offering a nice contrast to the textured exterior. However, it is worth mentioning that the keys are prone to picking up fingerprints due to their smooth, soft texture. After typing on it for a few minutes you can notice a slight gloss from oils on your fingers. I will say though, it is not as bad as some keyboards I have used and does not bother me too much. Cleaning the fingerprints off is quite easy to do with this keyboard. It only takes me a couple of minutes.

Ornata V2 Wrist Rest Quality

The magnetic wrist rest is a nice addition for Razer to include in the box as well. It is made from the same plastic used on the exterior of the keyboard. However, it does have a little bit of flex and bend to it. But I was expecting this as there is probably not much internal support and structure to it. It has magnets built-in, making it easy to attach to the keyboard and stay in place while using it. The cushion part of the rest is soft and plush, but thin. I was hoping for it to be a little bit more comfortable, but it is still a major upgrade to not having one at all. It does make using the keyboard more enjoyable overall, but it seems to be a slight heat trap. After any long duration of use, I notice that it makes your wrists quite hot having the potential to even sweat.

Ornata V2 keyboard and wrist rest

Ornata V2 Mecha-Membrane Keys

With the Razer Ornata V2 offering Mecha-Membrane keys they are supposed to offer the best of both worlds. To me it did just that, it provided me benefits from both mechanical and membrane keyboards. The keys had a clicky feel and sound to them but were also quite tactile. It surprised me how much this keyboard resembled a mechanical keyboard. Although, I will mention that the amount of pressure required (actuation force) to press them felt more than most mechanical switches. Regardless I do believe that it offers a viable alternative to mechanical switches.

With this technically being a membrane keyboard at its core I was quite concerned with its key rollover. But the Razer Ornata V2 offers an N-key rollover which is a big win for this keyboard. Essentially what this means is that it will detect every single keystroke even when you go to press multiple keys at once. A lot of membrane keyboards don’t offer this making them quite annoying to type on. Not to mention N-key rollover is a big benefit while gaming as you often press numerous keys at once. This is an area where I found the Razer Ornata V2 to excel in.

For the most part, I was rather impressed at the overall stiffness of the keys. It does start to lose some of that stiffness with that larger keys though. For example, the space bar and shift key do wiggle quite a bit. I personally do not find it to be too big of a problem, but it is worth talking about.

While I was initially concerned with the accuracy of this keyboard being a membrane keyboard at its core. I can comfortably say that it exceeded any doubts that I may have had. The mechanical part of this keyboard makes the keystrokes feel very accurate and responsive. Some membrane keyboards can feel rather mushy and unresponsive. However, with this keyboard having that added tactile feedback is nice allowing for it to feel quick and accurate.

Chroma RGB Features and Razer Synapse

Of course, this is something we can all love about Razer products, the RGB capabilities. I mean is it really a gaming keyboard without RGB lighting? This keyboard offers full support for Razer Synapse which will allow you to fully customize each key’s backlighting. While this does not affect the overall performance of the keyboard itself, it does look stunning. Within the program, you can easily adjust the individual keys color, or you can choose from some premade arrangements. This can be a big boost to your setup’s overall aesthetics if you have a certain theme going on.

It is also worth mentioning that you can adjust the brightness of light emitted from the keys as well. This is a nice feature as I have seen some keyboards not have this feature making them too bright or not bright enough. You can also turn off all RGB lighting as well if it is something you do not like on your keyboard.

RGB lighting on Razer leyboard

Razer Synapse

Of course, with it being supported by Razer Synapse you get the added features of the software as well. This will allow you to configure the keyboard to suit your desired needs. For example, you can create custom key bindings and macros. If you are a gamer this feature should excite you as it can potentially improve your performance significantly. Not to mention you can create different profiles for whatever games you may play. This is nice as you will not have to re-bind keys or create new macros every time you play a different game. The only thing that this keyboard lacks in this aspect is the capability to switch between profiles on the physical keyboard. It has no onboard memory so you will have to manually switch profiles within the Synapse application. 

The software will also allow you to sync and configure other compatible accessories. So, if you have a razer mouse you can configure and sync it with your Razer keyboard as well. This can make the RGB lighting of your devices even more stunning than before.

Razer Synapse for keyboard

Media Buttons

The Oranta V2 offers a set of media keys which proves to be a huge upgrade over its original counterpart. I was quite happy to see this keyboard offering dedicated media keys. They feel amazing to use as well as they are quite literally keys rather than buttons. Even better yet, it offers a volume adjustment function in the form of a roller. It is also clickable which by default is programmed to be a mute button. The roller itself is quite comfortable to use, offering a heavily textured surface. Typically you would find this feature on some more high-end keyboards. To me, this is a huge benefit that makes your overall PC experience more enjoyable

If you do not plan to use the added media keys, that is no problem at all. Just as the other keys, they are fully customizable allowing you to re-map them. So you can essentially tailor them to better suit your needs. If you do not plan to use them as media keys, I am sure you can think of some other functions for them. 

Ornata V2 media keys

Ornata V2 Price

My initial reaction to the price of the keyboard was strange, to say the least. You can find many mechanical keyboards just slightly more expensive with some even at the same price point. In basic terms, I had some high expectations for this keyboard as it is technically a membrane keyboard. Regardless of this, it is a relatively inexpensive gaming keyboard. 

After using it for a few days, I can comfortably say it met and exceeded most of my previous expectations. This keyboard offers many additional features that mechanical keyboards just cannot offer at the given price. The build quality, performance, and overall functionality of the Razer Ornata V2 make this keyboard worth every dollar. To me, this makes it a suitable alternative to the higher-end mechanical gaming keyboards. 

Should I Buy the Razer Ornata V2?

In my opinion, this depends on what you plan to use the keyboard for. If you are looking for a budget gaming keyboard I say absolutely. The N-key rollover makes it a perfect candidate for a gaming keyboard. However, when compared to a mechanical gaming keyboard, it will lack in some areas. Then again with the added features and benefits, it may be worth it for you. The keyboard does provide you with a very similar feel to a mechanical keyboard without having any physical switches. This proves to be one of the main selling points for it. Although, you may also want to consider a fully mechanical keyboard. They are progressively becoming cheaper as the years go by, many being at the same price. You just have to take into account the added features surrounding the keyboard and what you plan to use it for.

At the end of the day, I believe that this keyboard is worth buying for a budget gaming keyboard. But this is because I find the features to suit my needs not only for gaming but my day to day use as well. Razer has done a great job with this keyboard offering many high-end features at a mid-range price point.