PS5 On a Monitor – The Best Benefits

With Sony’s new PS5 recently hitting the market, many gamers are stuck deciding between playing on a monitor or a TV. Playing the PS5 on a monitor will offer you the ultimate gaming experience at an affordable cost. The PS5 is packed with amazing specs that can provide you the best in terms of visual quality and performance. 

Deciding to purchase and play your PlayStation 5 on a monitor can be a tricky one to make as many of us own TV’s. I have taken the time to make a full guide as the why playing your new PS5 on a monitor is the right decision. 

PlayStation 5 Info and Specs

PS5 Console sitting on top of desk

The PS5 is packed with industry-leading specs for new generation consoles. It is capable of supporting 4k gameplay at 120fps and 8k at 60fps. This is amazing to say the least, it would be a shame to not make use of it. It offers faster load times all thanks to the new SSD that comes installed. Not to mention it handles games with ease providing a cool and quiet gaming experience. With the launch of the new console, Sony has also released an all-new DualSense Wireless Controller. Just like the console, the controller offers significant upgrades and improvements that are very impressive. 

PS5 Specs

CPU – AMD Zen 2-based CPU, 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 3.5 GHz
GPU – AMD RDNA 2-based GPU, 2.23 GHz
Storage – 825GB NVMe SSD
Expandable Storage – M.2 PCIe SSD Slot or External HDD or SSD over USB 3.1
Optical Drive – 4K Blu-ray
PSU – 350W, 340W on Digital Edition

As you can see the PS5 packs some pretty high-end tech offering you a high level of performance. With the new resolution and FPS outputs it only makes sense to make use of them. You can hook your PS5 up to a monitor at a relatively affordable cost in comparison to a TV. I have also taken the time to write a quick guide on how to hook your PlayStation 5 to a computer monitor.

PS5 Monitor Resolution Benefits

8K Resolution

With the console’s resolution improvements, I advise picking up a monitor for your PS5 that can handle the improved output. Purchasing an 8K display is not the most economical solution as of now. You can expect to pay a large sum of money if you wish to get your hands on one. Not to mention, there is currently not that many options. While an 8K monitor will offer you the absolute best graphics, I still advise against this decision for most people. If you are set on it though, I say go for it. If you want to learn more about 8K monitors, Tech Radar has a great article.

4K Resolution

If you wish to make the most of the improved visuals the PS5 has to offer for the best value, I would recommend a 4k monitor. This will allow you a significant upgrade in terms of quality and FPS when comparing it to other consoles and displays. The cost of a 4k monitor is significantly less than an 8K one but will still provide an improved gaming experience. You can often find them for a few hundred dollars or you might even get lucky and catch one on sale for a couple hundred. Gaming on a 4k monitor is revolutionary, it will completely change the way you play video games. It will offer you the most cinematic experience you could ever imagine. 

1080P Resolution

If a 4k monitor for your PlayStation 5 is not quite in the budget you were hoping for, I still highly advise gaming on a 1080p monitor. There are still numerous advantages to this that can ultimately enhance your experience. It appears that more and more console gamers are switching to gaming on monitors, myself included. I personally have been doing so for years now and have not looked back. The increase of resolution and dynamic range, when compared to cost, has won me over indefinitely. It will offer you the best value in the long run. It is also worth mentioning that if you have a computer you can create a pretty cool dual monitor setup. Doing so will let you multitask while playing video games. This alone is amazing and I have written an article about the benefits of a dual monitor setup.

Monitors Offer Higher Refresh Rate

While a lot of new TV’s are offering high refresh rates, many of them are still at 30-60Hz. This hinders your potential PS5 gaming experience significantly. If you have ever played video games on a display with a refresh rate larger than 60Hz, you will know exactly what I mean. Even if your console is outputting 120FPS and you do not have an equivalent or better refresh rate, you will not be able to see that FPS. You will essentially not see the increase in FPS as it will be capped by your display refresh rate. This can be quite frustrating as your visual experience will not be to its full potential. 

This is a significant reason why I play video games on a monitor. As mentioned most TVs do not offer a 144 Hz refresh rate. If they do, they will be quite expensive causing even more stress. On the flip side, finding an inexpensive monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate is quite simple. Tons of them offer great value and will make all the difference. Typically, the higher resolution and refresh rate you go for, the more money it will cost. But, as mentioned above you can still get away with a few hundred dollars. Here is a great comparison between 144Hz and 60Hz if you are confused about the difference.


Dual monitor gaming set up in room

In a very basic for this can be referred to as input lag. It is the time in which a signal output is sent and the time it takes to display that output. This can have a significant impact when it comes to playing video games. There is a reason why all gamers prefer 1ms response times, it offers a competitive advantage. Now I know what you may be thinking, “will I even notice a difference between 5ms and 1ms?”. I can comfortably say, you will. It might not make that big of an impact on more leisure gameplay but it is still noticeable. If you plan on gaming in a competitive format, it offers an even more noticeable difference. 

Most TVs have an average input lag of 10-68ms which is significantly higher than any monitor. If you are switching from a TV to a computer monitor, the difference will shock you. The gameplay on a low latency display feels so much more reactive. When you move your thumb on the joystick it feels as if it is happening instantaneously. Whenever I go to a friend’s house to play video games and we play on a TV, it is almost as if I forgot how to play. I can instantly pick up on the difference. Again, you can pick up a monitor with a 1ms response time at a very affordable cost. 

PS5 Monitors Are Manageable

With monitors being of smaller size this is a perfect option if you plan on gaming in a smaller room. Cramming a large TV into a small room may not offer you the most enjoyable experience. I am sure that we have all seen it before in someone else’s home, a TV too large for the room. Playing your PS5 on a monitor will allow you to put it in just about any room. This is perfect if you plan on gamine in your bedroom, office, den, or even dorm room. 

With them being a lot smaller in size they are quite easy to handle if you change your mind. I personally love gaming on a monitor for this reason as I can move it around. As gamers, we often change our setup around or may even move it to a different location in the house. Trying to move a large, clunky TV into a different room is quite the task. Computer monitors are light, relatively small in size, and can be moved with ease.  

Monitor Size

Unfortunately, monitors do not offer you the same size of display that a TV can. There is no denying that it feels amazing to play on a 55”+ display. This also will not allow you to play from the comfort of your couch. It would be quite difficult to play your favorite PS5 games from your couch on a 22” screen. With that being said you can purchase some larger gaming monitors if it suits you. Since you will be sitting a lot closer to a monitor, I probably would advise against anything bigger than 24”-27” at most. Most gaming monitors come standard at this size as well.

With the smaller display, you may also be giving up the ability for dual player games. Part of the reason many of us play video games is to enjoy time with friends or family. A large TV allows you to do this with ease. However, trying to play a dual player game on a monitor can be quite difficult. Simply put, there is just not enough space. If you primarily play by yourself this should not be an issue though.

Ultrawide gaming monitor

Lack of Versatility

With the introduction of “smart” technology for TVs, this offers a benefit that a monitor can’t. Purchasing a TV for you PS5 offers you more options than just gaming. You can of course use it as its primary function, a TV. Not to mention all the additional programs and software that comes installed on them. This proves to be a significant benefit as they can potentially offer you more use out of their lifetime. Essentially if you purchase a gaming monitor for your PS5 you are limited to the total use of the device. You can only play video games on it and that it. 

If you do have a computer though this can be disregarded. For example, in my setup, my monitor has two display ports. I have one hooked up to my PS5 and one hooked up to my computer. I can quickly switch between the inputs depending on what I am doing. This offers me more use out of the monitor as I am now using it for two functions, gaming and using my computer. Still, I cannot use it as a TV but that does not bother me. 

Space Functionality

Let’s be honest sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be quite uncomfortable. The most common way to set up your PS5 to a monitor is at a desk. As mentioned above you will be giving up the ability to play at the comfort of your own couch. Even worse you may be creating more distractions for yourself if you primarily use your desk for school or work purposes. This can create quite a problem for yourself if that is the case. It also creates more clutter on your desk as you will commonly be placing your PS5’s accessories on top of the desk. 

Another considerable factor is actually owning a desk or table in which you can place your PlayStation and monitor. If you do not have a space in which you intend to put everything this can create a problem. While desks are relatively inexpensive it is still something to consider. You may even have to purchase a new gaming chair as well which can further add up the cost.

PlayStation sitting on top of gaming desk

Audio Capabilities

While some monitors do have built-in speakers, the majority do not. Typically, the speakers that are built-in lack of quality when compared to a TV. This can serve as a potential problem if you do not own a gaming headset for your PS5. If you do already own one you don’t have to worry about this as it will work just as it did before. There are a few workarounds if you do not plan on purchasing a headset, such as external speakers. You can plug them into your PS5 relatively easily with the help of adapters and they will offer you nice audio quality. 

Regardless of what display you game on, I do still recommend purchasing a gaming headset. There are numerous options available and they will increase your overall experience. Usually, they also have a mic built into them as well if you plan on chatting in-game with friends. 

Final Thoughts

Hooking your PS5 Up to a monitor offers significant benefits when compared to a TV. If you are looking to take your gaming to the next level, this will do it. It will offer you great benefits with resolution improvements, faster refresh rates, and better response times. I personally have decided to play on a monitor and I highly advise that you do as well. While there may be a few complications, I think that the benefits outweigh them. 

If you have decided to hook your PS5 up to your monitor, check out my guide on how to clean a monitor.