Should I Build My Own PC?

The decision of purchasing a new PC is one that may leave many individuals with the question of “Should I build my own PC?”. If you have not built one before or have not even entertained the thought of building one, this can be quite a difficult decision. 

When deciding whether or not you should just go out and purchase a pre-built PC or venture into the realm of building your own PC there are many things to consider. We have taken the time to outline all the pros and cons associated with building a PC. Whether or not it is for gaming or an at-home workstation, we cover it all. 

Why you should build your own PC


Computer graphics card and ram on desk for building a PC

We believe this to be one of the most important factors for deciding whether or not you should build your own PC, customizability. Depending on what you plan and intend to use the PC for will help dictate what components you put into the build. If you intend to primarily use the PC for gaming. You might want to spend a little bit more of your budget on a better graphics card. On the other side, if you intend to use it for casual purposes. You may not want to even consider a graphics card at all.

Building your PC yourself allows you to completely customize the components and tailor them to your need. This allows your resources (money) to be spent on parts that will actually make a significant difference for the computer’s intended use. 

PC Performance

The performance of the PC feeds into the ability to customize the parts that go into the build. If you decide to build your own, you are fully capable of dictating the end performance of the PC. You can specifically choose which areas you wish to purchase upgraded parts for and which areas you choose not to. Before deciding which parts you would like to purchase for your build. We recommend outlining what the computers intended use will be and which areas you would like to excel in performance. For this, we advise asking yourself two simple questions.

  • What applications will I primarily be using on a day to day basis?

Make a list of the applications that you will be typically using on a day-to-day basis. As an example, this can include internet browsers, video games, document applications, and so on. 

  • What components do these applications rely on?

For this, a quick search on the internet will point you in the right direction as to what the application heavily relies on. 

PC Build Aesthetics

Typically, the overall aesthetic look of a custom build PC tends to be significantly higher. While the overall aesthetic look can be quite subjective to each individual, again you have to full ability to customize the appearance. There are hundreds of different case designs that each offer unique aesthetic traits and appearances to the build. Not to mention many of the components are tailored to have aesthetic traits as well. 

Upgraded gaming pc

A perfect example of this is the introduction of RGB lighting components. With these components, you have the capability to fully customize the lighting within the desktop computer. To some individuals, this may be a very important consideration when deciding if you should build or own PC, whereas to others this may not play such an important role. 

Build Upgradability

With technology evolving ever so rapidly around us this is a very important factor to consider. Picking out your own parts helps to alleviate any of these concerns as some parts become outdated sooner than others. With that being said you are now presented with the opportunity to upgrade each component as they become outdated. Or maybe you would just like to upgrade them for increased performance.

The upgradability aspect of building your own PC is typically significantly higher than purchasing a pre-built. Many times, pre-build computers have custom-tailored parts or components to that company which can often be difficult to deal with. NZXT has a great article that touches on this as well.

Knowledge and Pride of Ownership

Learning to build your own computer will offer you a significant amount of knowledge and new-found skills. Throughout the process, you will learn what each component is responsible for and what it looks like which can be quite valuable for any troubleshooting purposes.

Not to mention, you will feel a significant amount of pride when it turns on for the first time. The feeling is amazing when you are using something that you personally built and designed. Every time you have any friends or family over, you will be raving about how you built that device, trust us. Again to re-emphasize, the pride of ownership you receive from building your own computer is something that a pre-built will never be able to offer you.

JayzTwoCents from YouTube has made a great video we can highly recommend and agree with. Watch below!

Why you should not build your own PC

Total PC Build Cost

While the overall cost of building your own PC is often lower when comparing it to purchasing a pre-built. You might find yourself splurging a little bit too much on certain components of the PC. This can quickly make the costs add up. You may not be doing this intentionally but we find it does commonly happen. Many of us just want to have the best components possible. 

To counter this we advise doing as much research as possible. This will allow you to create a budget for each component and how much you are willing to spend.


We would be lying if we said building your own pc was a fast task to undergo. It often takes a significant amount of time to plan and research which components you are wanting to include in the build. You also have to research and take into consideration the compatibility of each component with one another. 

The research phase of building your own PC is hands down the longest process of the decision. When it comes to actually building the device, it commonly takes under a couple of hours depending on the parts. With that being said it is very rewarding once the process is done. 


Whenever you are building something there is always the possibility for something to go wrong, especially with electronic components. This is why we strongly advise that you do the proper research into component compatibility and how to install each component correctly. Doing so will significantly decrease the risk of something going wrong when building the computer. 

Computer being built

This can be quite stressful when it comes to building a computer as many manufactures do not offer a warranty on user fault when installing parts. To re-emphasize make sure you conduct proper research before building and follow along with a guide while building.

In Conclusion

Overall, the decision to build your own PC can be quite a difficult one to make but we believe that the pros significantly outweigh the cons. When it comes to customizability, performance, upgradability, knowledge, and the pride of ownership, these are all attributes that a pre-built PC cannot offer. If you want the ability to decide and choose which parts are within your PC we advise you to build your own.

Again this is just our recommendation, if you are not wanting to worry about and hassle or time, a pre-built might be right for you. If you are looking to learn a little more about pre-built PC’s feel free to take a look at MSI’s article.